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For over 30 years, Industrial Complex for Courtesy Products and Paper (CIPAP) has been specializing in processing cellulose wadding paper, the most commonly used paper, into courtesy and protection products.

Following the growing demand for tissue-based products due to their importance in everyday life , CIPAP designs, manufactures, packages and sells a variety of ranges that ensure the daily well being, health and bodily comfort through different brands (CIPAP, ECO, 4 SEASONS, FRESH, LUXE, POUPON, CALINOU).

CIPAP is a company that fully meets the needs of its various customers. By growing with the market it satisfies local and international clients spurring in the field of health, body comfort, and lifestyle, ( toilet paper, tissues, nappies,) tableware,(white towels, fantasy napkins), wiping(towel), and other specific customized home products ( branded Kleenex dispensers, branded white towels, finger-bowl bags, refreshing towels, branded sugar bags, cardboard coasters, etc..) targeted essentially for hotels, cafés and restaurants. Thanks to its competent and dynamic team led by Mr. Arbi Milad, CIPAP has become one of the largest industrial companies in Tunisia due to their technical mastery acquired over the years and machinery at forefront of technology.

To better understand CIPAP's growth here are the most significant events of the company:

Founding the industrial complex for processing wadding paper into toilet paper, dispensers, tissues, napkins, paper towels, etc.. 

Packaging courtesy products such as shampoo, foam bath and refreshing towels

Extending of courtesy products to be packed with sugar.

Manufacturing babies’ nappies.

Developing the productive capacity of babies’ diapers.

Expanding the production and commercial space by purchasing the neighboring factory.

Developing the production of paper products.

Founding SCPA Company to complete the CIPAP product range to customers.